How to get paid when shopping online with Shopback – Part 1

Hello there!

Did you know that you can get paid when you shop online?

I did not, not until around six months ago.

How is it possible, you ask?

Well, there are many ways to get rebates, either through reward points, loyalty programs or cash rebates. Here, let me share with you about Shopback.

Shopback logo

What is Shopback?

In summary, it’s a company that gives us money when we shop online through its portal.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple, really.

Basically, Shopback acts as a referral agent, bringing customers (that’s us) to companies like Grab, Lazada, Guardian, Deliveroo, Scoot, eBay, Fave, GoDaddy and over 1,300 others (I know, it’s a lot, right?! Kudos to the Shopback team!).

These companies give Shopback a commission for increasing their business.

Shopback gives us a portion of the commission.

We can either make purchases online (i.e. by going to Shopback’s website) or on our mobile phones (i.e. through the Shopback’s app).

Does it really work?

Yes, I have used Shopback for almost 2 months.

Actually, my friend shared her referral link with me six months ago.

And I signed up immediately.

But I didn’t use the app.

I used to think that it’s a hassle to go one extra step by going to Shopback app instead of going directly to Grab, Fave, Scoot etc.

But, I decided to try it out one day, and I found that it only took 1 second for Shopback to direct me to Grab.

It’s fast and convenient.

And, as I watched the cashback piling up, I get a small thrill of joy.

Up to now, I have $5.60 of Redeemable Cashback, all from Grab rides.

Shopback Total Cashback

It may not be much, but it’s something. So, using Shopback has become second nature to me.

What can I use it for?

Have you ever taken Uber, JustGrab or GrabShare rides?

Ordered from Deliveroo or foodpanda?

Bought some clothes from Zalora, Asos, Cotton On, Under Armour?

Booked air tickets and/or hotel stay through Expedia or Zuji?

If you have, did you know that you can do all these through Shopback and get cash back?

It’s amazing!!!!!!


Let me share my experience.

Grab – Cashbacks for Grab-ing!

I often take taxis. I used to take normal cabs like Comfort, Citycab, SMRT Cabs etc. When Grab was introduced in Singapore, I started taking Grabcar, Grabtaxi or Justgrab. Now, it’s become second nature to use Grab instead of flagging or even booking a taxi.

Through Shopback, we get 20 cents for every Grab ride. Sure, it’s nothing much, but it does add up over time.

On a side note, we can also get points by enrolling in the GrabRewards program, and by using credit card with a good reward program. I will share on how I feel better about using Grab rides in a separate post.

This is how we can get cash back when using Grab:

(Note: you must have downloaded both Shopback and Grab apps in your mobile phone.)

Step 1: Go to Shopback app.

Shopback mobile app

Step 2: Choose “Rides”.

Shopback allows us to compare prices between Grab, Uber or Taxi.

I normally proceed without comparing prices.

Shopback Rides

Step 3: click “Grab Now”.

Shopback Ride choices

In around 1 second, we get into the Grab app page.

How do we know that this ride will give us cashback? The easiest is to look at the “Notes to Driver” field. Rides booked through Shopback will have a tracking code that looks like this “{{NNNNNNNNAANNN}}”.

Shopback Grab Trip example

Step 4: Choose your preferred Grab method: JustGrab, GrabShare, or GrabCar.

Yes, you can get cashback if you take GrabShare.

No, you won’t get any cashback if you take GrabHitch.

Step 5: If you have any Promo Code, add this to the Promo field. Then, click Book.

After the ride, it will take up to 48 hours for the cashback to be added to the Redeemable Cashback. I have found it helpful to be patient.

What if I don’t see the Cashback?

If you don’t see it after 48 hours, write to the Shopback team.

Remember, in Grab app, you can see your History. Here you will see the Notes to Driver. Rides booked through Shopback will have the tracking code mentioned above. So, if you still cannot find the Cashback from the Grab Ride, you can use the Grab History record to check with the Shopback team.

How else can I Get Cashback?

For other ways to get Cashback through Shopback, please go to Part 2 of this article.

I’m curious…

Have you used Shopback? Please share your experience, I’d love to hear from a fellow Shopback user.

Do you have any questions? Either write it in the comment section, or send me a note via the “Contact Form” below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

HOW TO GET $10.00 ($5 Sign Up Bonus + $5 FOR the FIRST TRANSACTION)

If you’d like to use Shopback to start earning cashbacks, that’s great!!!

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If you’d like to get the $10 ($5 + $5), you can use my referral link.

I will get $5.00 from Shopback, at no cost to you. Thank you in advance.

And of course, if you have found this tip useful, please share it with your family and friends.

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Black Friday

Hello there! 🙂 We’re in the midst of Black Friday period, where there are tonnes of offer and sale.

Have you spent a lot of money this year? 😉

In Singapore, there’s sale all year round. The major shopping period is the Great Singapore Sale, which happens around June to July every year.

This year, though, the retailers have created more events to let us spend more! Now we have 11.11 (Singles’ Day, which came from China), and Black Friday (which came from the US). There’s going to be Cyber Monday, and 12.12.

Are you timing your shopping?

I don’t typically spend a lot of money buying things. I have enough of them, truly.

So, I don’t think I’m a shopaholic. Perhaps. Not much.

Okay, maybe I’ll let you decide. I have bought 3 dresses from one store. And on another occasion, I bought 3 shirts from one store. Does that make me a shopaholic? 🙂 I do that because I want to save time. Yes, I’m one of those women who do not enjoy spending hours shopping.

Over the past few years, I have learnt a few things about how to use money better, and how to grow money without losing sleep over it. I’ve been surprised at how much I did not know before.

How do you feel about money and living well? Do you think it is possible to live well without money?

I have always wondered why personal finance is not taught in schools. But no matter, we can learn and share with one another.

Let’s build a community of Centsmarties!